9 Heart Disease Warning Signs That May Surprise You

9 Disease Warning Signs That May Surprise You

Many times, it may look like a silly and everyday thing, but it is not like that. The signs given by your body can tell that something is not going well with your .

  • Feet and swelling in the feet, discomfort, fatigue, and shortness of breath can all be those symptoms that require your to pay attention.
  • Identifying these signals can help prevent attacks or the diagnosis of illness such as failure.
  • People with the greatest potential to be suffering from cardiovascular diseases, who have a family history of cardiac problems, are overweight or smokers.
  • Those who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis are also at higher risk.

In the United States, a cardiologist at the Texas A & M Health Science Center, According to Dr. John Arwin, these are the

9 most common symptoms that may suggest disease:

  1. Neck and shoulder pain

    Many people have pain in their chest or hand, which seems very common when talking to the . But many people do not feel these normal pain, they feel, instead, an inconvenience that feels like pain or pressure on their neck, jaw or shoulders.

  2. Foot and feet swelling

    These parts of your body can swell for a variety of reasons, in which something the heat is also a simple reason. However, it can also indicate failure.

  3. Baldness

    According to research published in The Archives of Internal Medicine in 2000, baldness is associated with problems. The study analyzed males between the ages of 40 and 84 during the 11 year period. The men who showed hair loss at the top of their head were more prone to attack, and this risk was proportional to baldness, which meant that the hair grew, the risks of problems in the coronary arteries (Responsible for the attacks). But remember that baldness can also be genetic.

  4. Irregular and rapid pulse

    If you feel your throbbing fast, there is a lack of breath, dizziness, and pain in your body, it is possible that you have a cardiac arrhythmia.

  5. Nausea or lack of appetite

    These two symptoms can be related to inflammation of the stomach, which are associated with fluid retention or pain in the heart.

  6. Persistent cough

    Due to heart failure cough can be a sign of a large amount of fluid in your lungs.

  7. Shortness of breath

    It can indicate the onset of a heart attack.

  8. Sudden cold sweating

    It can indicate a heart attack, hypotension, hypertension or arrhythmia.

  9. Weight loss

    Those who suffer from severe heart disease, such as heart failure, suffer from fluid retention because the heart can not pump enough blood. This decrease of cardiac muscles affects the amount of blood filtered by the kidney, which accumulates fluid in the body and, consequently, the weight increases.

Are you aware of these signs?

The more chances you have, the failure of your heart, or even a heart attack will be as high as you have. Therefore it is important to visit the cardiologist and make a checkup to understand the possible causes of these signals.

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