Diabetes And Giloy: Should Sugar Patients Take Giloy?

Diabetes And Giloy: Should Sugar Patients Take Giloy?

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effect on Diabetic Patients and How to use in Corona and Dengue


It is advisable to take at the time of Corona Infection. But can patients with take it? Learn here …


And : Should Sugar Patients Take ?

Also learn how to consume corona, dengue, and malaria.

is a natural herb. Its use in Ayurveda has been advised for centuries. In today’s time, is beneficial for children, elders, and old men.

Because the role of in protecting against coronavirus is very important.

’s influence and its role in the prevention of corona have also been accepted by the Ministry of AYUSH and the Food and Drug Administration of the US.

Horrible effects of type 2 diabetes on the body

Learn here…

why is beneficial in infectious fevers like corona, dengue, and malaria and how it should be taken …


-If you want to protect you from infectious diseases and especially to protect your body from corona, then you need to take properly and in limited quantities.


-You have to take care of your age to determine when and how much should be consumed. One thing is very clear that whatever form you take , it will be done in the morning and on an empty stomach.


Method of regular intake of


-If your body is fighting a virus infection or infectious fever like dengue, then you can take two tablets every morning in the morning. But give only one tablet to children above the age of 12 years, and give a half tablet to children below this age.


It is better that you consult an Ayurvedic doctor before starting it regularly. Because looking at your health, he can tell the most accurate thing.

How do you take Giloy?


If you want, you can drink Giloy juice or take Giloy tablet. Giloy tablets will be found comfortably at any Ayurvedic Medic store. Along with this, you will also get ready juice of Giloy at these medical stores.


-If you have Giloy vine in your house or you have brought Giloy stem from the market, then cook it in a glass of water.

Meanwhile, add clove and black pepper in it. You can also add ginger to it during the winter season.


-When this water is half cooked, then turn off the gas and after filtering this water, consume it on an empty stomach in the morning.

-If you want to take Giloy’s pill, then you can take one tablet of Giloy on an empty stomach every morning in the morning.


And Giloy : How to get patients?


-Surgery patients should take special care while taking Giloy that if you are taking blood sugar reducing medicines, then taking Giloy every day can be harmful to you.


– Whether you take Giloy as a juice or as a tablet. Because Giloy also acts to lower blood pressure. In such a situation, not only will your medicine reduce your BP, Giloy will also reduce your BP. This may cause your BP to be much lower than normal.

Diabetes And Giloy

What should sugar patients do?


– Blood sugar is a condition of hypoglycemia. To avoid this condition, you must consult your doctor or Ayurvedic doctor before consuming Giloy.


Some people may have this problem


– Giloy works to correct the digestive system. But for some people, Giloy can cause dryness in the potty. This happens in some special cases, however. If you are suffering from this type of digestive disorder after taking Giloy, then you should consult a doctor.


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