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Everyone at some point in life would have had sugarcane but not ! This kind of is not made from the date itself but from the tree. In some places in the country, it is also called ‘taadhi’.

1) Let’s know :-

We have to first peel off the layer and then take out the juice from the tree.

2)  How much do you peel?

Like paper or cloth

3) From where do you procure this?

It isn’t restricted to one village or area because it is a difficult process to get the juice. Lots of trees are peeled and then the wooden pot is placed in such a manner so that the juice gets accumulated in that vessel. After this, we wait for the juice to get dried up so that we can turn it into .

4) How many pots do you hang onto one tree?

If the weather is good then for 3 days we hang the pot on the tree. Within 24 hours, juice starts to accumulate without peeling off the layer.

5) How does the juice accumulate inside the pot without doing anything?

We make a cut at the top and put a wooden tap thing on it, once we put a cut then juice starts to fill in. We wait for the juice to accumulate, once it is done then we pour the juice in small holes made on the ground. Then is made here only, on this stove is made and then is made. We steal the juice then take it to home; there it takes almost 1-1.5 hours to make . We make this much of , almost 1 kg or 1.5 kg .

6) How many pots do you hang on the trees in a day?

Almost 10-12 pots. Also, It depends on the person who makes , whether that person needs juice accumulated from 60-70 trees. It purely depends on the capability of the person who makes the .

7) And how much juice gets filled in these pots?

If the trees are good then all the pots will fill. So 5-6 kilograms of can be made easily. This kind of not only tastes good but has a lot of health benefits as well.

8) What is the difference in the taste of this and the made from sugarcane?

This tastes better because it has a grainy texture to it. If we eat this then our body stays warm in the winters. One will find this during winters only. This is kind of hard work for making can be only expected in winters and then it is sold in the market. If we eat this then during winters our body gets natural heat. Our joints also remain in good working conditions.

9) What is the usual taste of this ?

It has a perfect amount of sweetness to it. This kind of is not only sold in Mahoba but also in Delhi. We export it to Bangalore and even Jammu and Kashmir. Almost 150-200 kilograms is exported. We sell it to a contractor and he takes it to other cities. It first goes to Delhi and then to other cities.


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