Health benefits of drinking hot water


Health benefit of drinking hot :-

Nowadays people like cold instead of hot. It may be or food. Due to busy schedule people are not able to eat hot food and drink hot . If you drink hot instead of cold then, you will stay healthy. After drinking hot the toxins of the body are cleared.

  • Drinking hot mixed with juice, , , and black pepper powder clears the toxic from the body through urine.
  • In winter, drinking hot prevents cough and keeps healthy.
  • Drinking hot keeps the strong. It improves blood circulation and reduces body .
  • Drink hot daily in the case of acidity, the acidity will be cured.
  • Drinking 3-4 glass of hot keeps the stomach clean.
  • Drinking 3-4 glass of hot makes hair strong and long and black.
  • Drinking hot reduces the dandruff from the hair and hair becomes strong and thick.
  • If you have digestion problem, then drink 1 glass of hot mixed with salt daily. Digestive system becomes strong.
  • If you are suffering from , then mix 2-4 drops of juice mixed  and pinch of black salt and drink daily in the morning. Body will reduce which also reduces the weight.
  • Always take care after eating spicy or oily food, drink at least 1 glass of .
  • Drinking 4-5 glass of daily on , keeps the skin tight so you look young.There are some people who don’t like to drink too , so they can drink black tea or green tea. Drinking  mixed with juice,  and salt daily 3-4 times a day keeps you healthy.

    health benefit of drinking .

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