How my Piles Problem Cured in a week

How my Piles Problem Cured in a week:-

one day I found that I got a problem with piles. I feel ashamed but then I decided to discuss this problem with my elders. They advised me how to cure it and now I am perfectly healthy. No sign of piles. I am eating everything but I making a limit of those things which can lead me to piles.

They advise me following:-

  1. Take as many dairy products as u can like Milk, Curd, and Desi Ghee.
  2. Take 1 full Glass of hot milk in the morning for breakfast. Drink 1 Glass of Hot Milk after finishing Dinner with added 1/2 to 1 tbs cow’s Ghee in it(Ghee is a class of clarified butter). This will help in Constipation.
  3. Take Fruits, Green Vegetables, and Curd in the Lunch and Dinner to avoid other things.
  4. Stay away from Tea, Coffee, and Alcohol.
  5. Don’t take any type of spices or Spicy food which include Red Chilli, Black Chilli, and also eat less sugar.
  6. Don’t eat any type of Non-Veg item like Mutton, Chicken, Fish, or Egg.
  7. Don’t eat White Bread, Processed Food which leads to constipation. Also, avoid eating items created with Maida(A white wheat flour without any bran is called maida in southern India.)
  8. Drink more water.

I Start following this advice and the second morning I feel relief and within a week I feel 70-90% relief in piles. Now I am completely healthy so I decided to share this with the world so others to get benefit from this information. Please share this information as much as you can so more people get benefit from this information.
This happens to me but I strongly believe the same medicine works differently on different bodies. So, take expert medical advice before doing anything said above. Protection Status