Do you know the right way to buy a banana?

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If you go to the market, take care of these things

is a fruit that is available throughout the year. Its benefits are so many that people of all ages are advised to eat it daily. At the same time, people who sweat in the gym eat many simultaneously, which gives them instant energy. If we talk about buying a , then you should take special care of some things about it, so that you can get more benefit from the qualities and taste of this fruit.

how to choose good banana

Pay attention to color

Take of such color which are completely yellow. This yellow color should also be bright. There should not be black spots or black marks on it. If such spots appear, do not take those , as they will spoil quickly.

Take as peruse

For what purpose are you taking or according to how many you eat in a day, take this fruit. For example, if you think of making a shake for the whole family, it is obvious that will have to be consumed more. On the other hand, if you eat just one every day, then buy them in small numbers.

Size is also important

Take big and thick. Such are fully ripened, which also gives them more flavor. At the same time, if their size is small, they can be raw from the inside, which can also cause stomach problems.

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Greenness is seen on the peel

If you see greenness on the peels, then it means that they are not fully ripe. If you are taking 7 and you are going to eat them on the same day or the next day then take all the yellow. If you plan to eat one every day, then it would be best to take those which look light green from above, so that they can last a week.

Don’t be tempted by cheap

When it comes to , no matter how cheap you get these, but you will take as much as you can eat. It is such a fruit that starts spoiling in two days, in such a situation, if you have taken more in a cheap affair, then you may have to throw half like this.

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