The Many Benefits of Orange Peels || How to make Orange Peel Powder? || Orange Peel Tea

Orange Peels Benefits and How to Make Orange Peel Powder?

Hello friends,
Here we are discussing a useful thing,  we throw it in the trash as waste while it has many benefits. If we know about those benefits we will realize that we have done our many loss which thing we throw every day in the dustbin. 

We could get many health benefits from that useful thing. We expanded very much money in the market to get those benefits. We always threw that thing away. Yes, friends here we are going to discuss Orange Peels Benefits and How to Make Orange Peel Powder?

What we normally do, we peel the orange and eat with salt or anything we want and we normally throw their peels. I used to do the same. But when I came to know about the benefits of peels of Orange, Since then I stopped throwing them off and you will surprise to know. The more benefits of orange than its peel is its advantage.

Orange Peels Benefits

The ones (Orange Peels) we throw let us come to know about its benefits.

  • First of all, peels have lots amount of vitamin A and vitamin C which is very beneficial for our eyes, skin, and for our hair.
  • Second peels also have calcium. you all better know calcium is very beneficial for our bones and also good for our teeth.
  • There is a well amount of fiber in Peels Which helps to improve digestion power & cure constipation. Fibre also helps to lose weight.
  • Peels also having an Anti-depression agent which helps to strengthen our Nervous system and also helps to cure Depression, Migraine & anxiety.
  • Because of fiber peels also helps to reduce cholesterol level also, control Blood Pressure.

But the question is this how can we use these peels?

Let us discuss this How can we use:-

We have eaten orange, then we saved Its peels. We have to do some work to use these peels for health if we want to get its benefits.

Take these peels on a plate or anything you have. Keep it in the sun for 4 to 5 days. If the sun is hot it will take 2 to 3 days. It has to be so strict that its moisture expires so we can make its powder easily. see this it becomes totally moisture-free in five days.

Know what we will do now?

Put it into our grinder and make a fine powder. Now its powder is ready to use. there are many Facials are available in the market but all are costly like Diamond, gold, etc..  Companies are making money for these face packs while they also have their side effects too. but this powder (Peel of Orange Powder) has no side effects because it is 100% natural.

How can use it as a face pack?

let’s see we all know turmeric powder is also good for our skin, the curd is also, you already know this very well.

  • take one teaspoon powder of peels of Orange.
  • 1/4 spoon turmeric powder.
  • 1 and a half teaspoon curd.
  • and one teaspoon Gram Flour.
  • mix it very well if your skin is dry add half a tablespoon of mustard oil too.

Now the world’s best face pack is ready without any side effects. Believe me, I never apply any face pack but after when I use it the first time I can’t recognize my skin because of its incredible effects. I can’t believe that this is my skin. Very very soft. This is only one use as a face pack.

What are its other benefits?

  • Wash the fresh peels very well. Then put these peels in boiling water and make orange tea, a very healthy tea. It will help in anxiety and depression and strengthen our nervous system. It also cures a Migraine.
  • We can also use this powder as calcium. We can also take this with water or any liquid. It will help to make our teeth and bones strong.
  • We can also take this in the morning because of its fiber to improve digestion and cure constipation.
  • It also loses our weight.
  • We can also apply this powder to our hairs like Mehandi (Indian natural hair color) to make strong roots of our hair and also helps to shine hairs.
  • It controls our Cholesterol if we use it daily and our BP. Maybe possible we leave medicine. Protection Status