What food should we eat during winters? || 6 foods to keep you healthy

What food should we eat during winters?

What food should we eat during winters? || 6 foods to keep you healthy, the importance of diet to stay fit and healthy

People usually think that “why to change our diet when the season changes?” and they continue eating their regular diet.

But is important to change some food items in your regular diet whenever the season changes. Winterizing your regular diet can be healthy as well as tasty.

You usually buy items for your wardrobe and also pay heating bills during winters but chilly winter weather affects more than this.

Your body, as well, experience some changes in metabolism and energy level. Many people fall sick during the winter season because they mostly stay indoors as outside weather is usually very cold.

But, you can prevent yourself from getting infected by airborne infections like cold and flu, if you take care of what you eat. To know which food can keep you healthy during winters and can improve your immunity, keep reading ahead…

6 foods to keep you healthy || What food should we eat during winters?

Following are 6 food items to keep you healthy during winters:

Root vegetables

Root vegetables like carrots, beets, and turnips can withstand the cold and add nutrition to your diet and will help you fight the cold weather during winters.

Roast carrots are best to boost beta-carotene, and boil turnips are good for vitamins A and C. you can find more root vegetables from any grocery stores and can cook with no difficulty.

Eat lots of nuts

You have seen or heard from people that eating nuts or dry fruits during winters can be beneficial for health plus it also adds nutrition to your diet.

Well, eating nuts like almonds and cashews can help in boosting your immunity during the winter season. Walnuts, pasta, and dates are also good options because they all tend to generate a lot of heat within the body.

Eat sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are another option to add up to your diet during winters. As they have anti-oxidant properties and also rich in beta carotene that helps to protect the immune cells from damage and can help you stay fit and healthy during any season of the year.

Add oatmeal to your diet

Oatmeal provides those nutrients that are essential during winter. People usually eat oatmeal in their breakfast but this is much more than just a convenient breakfast food.

This is high in zinc which is very important for proper immune function. Also oatmeal is easy to make but also a bit more expensive to buy but to eat healthily you can buy old-fashioned oats just make sure that it contains soluble fiber, as it is associated with heart health.

Add garlic to your meal

Garlic has a high amount of calcium, potassium, and sulphuric compounds which is good for getting rid of infections. Moreover, garlic adds a taste to your dish. It is also very cheap to buy, you can find it easily in any grocery stores.

Eat Soup as a mid-day snacks

Add soups to your regular diet, you can also add them to your mid-day snacks whenever you feel hungry. It is more preferable to add beef or cream to it because chicken adds heat to your body.

But you can make vegetable soups also, just add cream and salt to it and also lots of veggies. You can also pair your soup with whole-grain crackers for a dose of grains. As soup is the perfect food for winters and easy to make.


Importance of changing diet when the season changes || Importance of diet


Do you ever react to bitter cold by convincing yourself that you can’t go to the gym because you have to preserve your calories to warm up your body?

But the cold truth is no weather warrants unhealthy eating habits. Eating grains and seasonal fruits and adjusting one of the eating habits to the season can make you a lot healthier.

Nutritionists say, as season changes, your body also changes. Getting the right minerals, vitamins, and nutrition are very important. Hydration is also an important factor for keeping people healthy of all ages.


How to stay fit and healthy during winters?


Apart from taking care of your diet, you can also stay fit and healthy during winters by following some easy steps:

Avoid sugary treats as much as possible, don’t stay indoors with a packet of food, and watching movies. Because processes foods with artificial sugar can be harmful to your health.

Make a habit of regular exercise. This will help you with your weight which will help in preventing any diseases that are linked with weight gain or obesity. Plus, this adds to boost your immune system.

Stay warm during winters. Well, this is obvious, wear an extra jacket whenever you go out, just make sure that you feel warm during cold weather. (1)

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