Benefits of Almond Milk

Benefits of Almond Milk :-

Almond Milk is very beneficial in winter. This is a good remedy for Students and people doing hard mental work. This Milk helps to improve Mental Weakness, Weak Memory, Eye problems like Weak Eyesight etc. It is also good to cure Headache and Migraine.

Almond Milk Recipe :-


  1. Take 7-8 good quality of Almonds.
  2. Put some Water in a Glass Jar and add Almonds in it and let them soak in water for 7-8 hrs.
  3. After that Peel them and Grind them.
  4. Boil 250 ml of Milk.
  5. Let the Milk to boil and as soon as it boils put grinded almonds and slow down the flame and allow it to boil for 2 min at the slow flame.
  6. Add some sugar as per your taste and let it cool down. Now Lukewarm Almond Milk is ready to drink


Some Precautions :-

1) Do not boil Milk more than 2 min after adding Grinded Almonds in it.
2) Drink it early in the morning empty stomach for the Maximum Benefits.
3) Do not eat or drink anything after Drinking it, For the next 2 Hrs. Protection Status