That Is Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick Your Mouth

That Is Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick Your Mouth

Many people who have dogs and other pets are allowed their pets to lick their face, but do you know that it can lead you to different diseases or even kill you? Even if it seems incredible, it’s true.

dog licking

The dog certainly did not harm you. Dog lick is actually a symbol of affection by your dear friend. But, the dog’s tongue is full of bacteria. The dog’s mouth is not much cleaner than our human mouth. Dog’s mouth is full of bacterias and the saying that dos’ mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth is completely a myth. 

According to a dog expert, if you inspect the dog’s mouth and smell it, you will see that this is not true. They smell everything, even garbage, licking floor, also they love to lick their private parts also. We let them lick our cheeks while they have already licked their last backside.
According to another expert, a professor of bacteriology and virology at the Queen Mary University of London, this is not only the tongue of the dog who is full of bacteria. His muzzles are also filled with viruses, bacteria and various types of germs. Everything can be passed through the tongue of your dog, even some of the most dangerous diseases.


Common diseases spread by dog’s licking:-

Capanocyofa Canimorsus :

It is an infection that has been seen by a dog after licking its open wound.

Herpes infection:

It is considered one of the easiest diseases which can be transferred to you from your dog by lick.
If there are bacterial beads around their mouth, you can get it.


When this infection is transferred to humans, it can cause various unsightly wounds.
Dogs carry this bacteria with them and it does not affect their health much.

Stefilococcus aureus:

It is similar to MRSA and it is not very resistant to treatment.


You have to take good care of your health and try to avoid dog lick. Your dog knows that you love him. Remember these bacteria when next time your dog tries to lick your mouth or face! Protection Status