Tulsi extract and its amazing benefits Miracle cure for more than 70 diseases

Benefits of drinking water containing Tulsi ka Ark in the morning

Made from the leaves of basil, basil extracts ( Tulsi Ka Ark ) have the power to cure more than 70 diseases. It does not contain any harmful ingredients. Tulsi Ark has the power to cure more than 70 diseases. Tulsi is an anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-disease.

The biggest invaluable quality of Tulsi is to remove stress. Tulsi Ark not only helps you get rid of stress and fatigue, but the elements present in it surprisingly increase the body’s immunity.

Tulsi extract or tulsi ka ark or tulsi ark benefits

Daily consumption of water containing Tulsi extracts in the morning brings a revolutionary change in your life, not only protecting you from many diseases, but also by awakening the body’s immune system. liberates from diseases

Tulsi Ark is very helpful in increasing the red blood cell count (Hemoglobin) of human life. It enhances the beauty of the skin and also brings a glow to the skin.

Consumption of Tulsi Arka can cure hundreds of types of minor and major diseases in the human body, including headache, common fever, cold, cold, phlegm, flu, respiratory diseases, malaria, blood pressure, tuberculosis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis. It is very beneficial in the treatment of many types of diseases of women as well as many diseases of the skin.

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Benefits of drinking water containing basil extracts daily in the morning. Tulsi Ark Benefits | Tulsi Ark ke Fayde

  1. Weight loss is achieved by using Tulsi ka Ark. Body fat is reduced, if it is used with curd or buttermilk, as well as there is no feeling of fatigue. Stays energetic throughout the day. There is an increase in red blood cells ie hemoglobin. As a result, there is no other disease and immunity develops.
  2. Tulsi ka Ark normalizes blood cholesterol very fast.
  3. Taking Tulsi Ark regularly in the morning increases strength, sharpness and memory power in children.
  4. Tulsi Arka increases kidney function.
  5. Indigestion is cured by daily consumption of Tulsi extract.
  6. The extract of Krishna Tulsi , Vrinda Tulsi is very beneficial in cancer.
  7. Tulsi Ark also has properties to remove Vata disorders.
  8. Tulsi ka Ark also has the properties of increasing the working power of the urinary system, that is, it cures the urinary system.
  9. The deficiency of vitamins and B vitamins is removed by the consumption of basil extract.
  10. Tulsi ka Ark has the property of purifying the blood.
  11. Tulsi Ark shows excellent effect in diseases of the respiratory system, it is expectorant and is also a potent medicine for asthma diseases.
  12. One drop of Tulsi extract , one teaspoon of honey mixed with a glass of water and drinking it for a month in the morning and evening will reduce your obesity.
  13. Mixing one drop of Tulsi Arka , four grains of black pepper, 4 grains of almonds, one spoon of honey and drinking it after grinding increases the power of Samaran.
  14. Older people do not experience weakness by taking Tulsi extract regularly. They feel power and enthusiasm. Their immunity increases.
  15. Tulsi ka Ark is equally beneficial in diseases of men and women and children.

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Method of use of basil extract in disease | How to use Tulsi Ark in many diseases


Mixing two drops of basil extract in pure coconut oil and applying it to the head provides relief in headaches.

common fever

Adding two drops of extract in half a glass of cold water and drinking it twice a day provides relief.

cold, cold, phlegm, fever

Mix two drops of basil extract with a glass of lukewarm water in the morning and use it.

respiratory disease

Adding two drops of basil extract in a glass of cold water and drinking it thrice a day provides relief.


Add two drops of basil extract in half a glass of water and drink it twice.


Mixing 25 drops of Tulsi extract in 50 grams of coconut oil and rubbing it on the gums thrice a day provides relief in pyorrhea.

dark spots on skin

Mixing basil juice and lemon juice in the morning and evening, rubbing it on the face removes black spots and increases beauty.

fever, cough, respiratory diseases

Taking 3 grams of Tulsi juice, 3 grams of ginger juice and one teaspoon of honey is beneficial. Health gets cured by removing phlegm.

Precautions :-

  1. Do not drink milk for 1 hour after using basil extract.
  2. Do not give Tulsi extract to pregnant woman in first 2 months.
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