What are we — We are herbivorous

How, For that, I’ll explain you some easy examples along with some scientific methods also To let you know that you are herbivorous. How we are herbivorous? Our denture is flat.  A lot of people gives logic that their side teeth are pointed So that they could be carnivorous or omnivores.

And that is the biggest misunderstanding.

Nature has given us teeth. For example, if we have an apple to eat Its tough to cut it out with our front teeth. To bite an apple we are supposed to use our pointed teeth. Let me tell you one more thing, our jaws can move left to right and right to left. That is the movement for grinding. Those who are carnivorous and non-vegetarian either their movement is very slightly or not at all.  Because nature has made their teeth very sharp and pointed.

And the logic what people use to give because of their pointed teeth is completely wrong. Those who have side teeth and they even have it very pointed, their teeth are not like this rather they are quite big.

I’m giving a simple example to carnivorous. If an omnivorous is eating something, it means he’s behaving like a carnivorous.  Carnivorous do hunting and kills. But you try to catch a mouse, you might lose your teeth but you’ll not be able to hunt a mouse at all. That means nature has made you an herbivorous.

Neither you are omnivorous nor carnivorous because if you behave like an omnivorous then you must have a killing instinct in you. You can’t kill a mouse without the help of your hand, that means you are herbivorous. But I’ll give you some scientific evidence, if you become a herbivorous back again, you’ll get rid of diseases. And why because of behaving like an omnivorous you are full of diseases. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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