Drinking water Before or after meal. What Ayurveda says about it?

Drinking water and eating meals. What does Ayurveda say about it?

Many people want to know about the relationship between food and water. Drinking water before eating, during eating, or after eating, is harmful or beneficial for the body? Ayurveda has given a lot of information about this. Let us know what Ayurveda says about this?

Drinking water and eating meal. What Ayurveda says about it?

Some people have a habit that they drink water while eating, while some people drink water immediately after eating it. Guys, some doctors recommend that you should not drink water right after your meal or after eating food.

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Instead, you should wait for an hour and then drink water. Some people recommend drinking water before eating. With so many suggestions and advice, whom should we obey? When should we drink water?

Let’s solve this mystery from the Ayurvedic perspective.

When do we drink water? Obviously, when we are thirsty Thirst is a natural necessity, and when thirsty, it is necessary to drink water, even if it is between your meal or earlier or later. Similarly, we do food when hungry, and sacrifice stool or urine only when our bodies request it to do so. This is all the needs of the body which should be completed on time, otherwise, the risk of type 2 diarrhea i.e. the disease is increased in our body.

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Drinking water before meals – good or bad?

When you drink water immediately before eating it, then the digestion of the body weakens the fire, which causes the digestive power of the body to become disturbed. Since water is a coolant, it dilutes digestive juices, which causes the digestive power of the body to weaken.

Therefore, Ayurveda believes that you should neither eat anything nor drink water half an hour before eating. It is also said that drinking water immediately before food causes weakness in the body.

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Is it good to drink water with food? Many doctors recommend drinking water in the middle of your diet. But there is a contradictory fact in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda tells you that you can drink water in the middle of your diet i.e. drinking water during a meal is very beneficial according to Ayurveda. By doing so, the food you eat becomes damp and it becomes easy to digest.

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This water helps to break food into fine and small particles and if you are eating some oily or spicy, it also extinguishes your thirst.

Thus, having water between your food is an ideal and healthy habit. But, according to Ayurveda, if you want to drink water during the meal then you should take care of two things: –

  1. You should take care of how much water to drink in order to quench your thirst. Try to drink water at least the amount of water twice a day during your meal. Do not do that, drink a glass of water, otherwise your stomach will be filled with water and there will be no room for food in your stomach.
  2. If you want to drink water during the meal, also make sure that the water is at room temperature. Drinking too much cold water can reduce the digestive flame, which reduces the digestive enzyme, and stores the toxic waste in the body. There are also toxic diseases like an acid reflex or height hernia. Also, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or coffee in your body during your meals.

Drinking water after meals – good or bad?

When you drink water immediately after eating food, it directly affects the quality of food and the digestive power of the body. Whatever you eat, by drinking water, a cooling effect increases in it, and it is likely that if you regularly drink water after meals you may be fat. Thus, Ayurveda does not support drinking water immediately after meals.

Therefore it is not advisable to drink water immediately after eating food. Once you do it with your food, wait for about half an hour, and then drink water. This will quench your thirst and make you feel full. After one hour, you can drink as much water as possible, by the time the digestion process will end.

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