Liver detox || How to || Detox liver with home remedy || Cure Liver with Acupressure || Some precautions, do’s and don’ts

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Home remedies for Detox Liver

The liver is one of the Most Important parts of the body. It does a lot of work to keep you healthy.

The liver works as a filter in your body which stops toxins to flow in your body but lets nutritional elements flow in the body.

If we do not detox the liver or consume those things which expel these toxins out of the body, then it causes fatty liver, enlarged liver, ascites, and many other liver ailments.

home remedies for detox liver Acupressure points for Liver
Home Remedies for Detox Liver

These liver diseases have become very common today. Therefore today we are going to tell you to cure liver diseases naturally by home remedies for detox liver:-

  • Acupressure,
  • Detoxification home remedy and
  • Some precautions, do’s and don’ts.

Acupressure points for Liver

4 Steps to cure liver diseases and keep the liver healthy with home remedies for detox liver naturally by Acupressure ( Acupressure points for Liver ):-

  1. Press the web between the thumb and index finger of the hand.
  2. Keep it pressed for 5 seconds and then release it.
  3. Press it repeatedly 15-20 times.
  4. Press it on both hands.

Doing this instantly Generates and delivers a message from brain to liver to repair liver damage and healing.

This Acupressure Technique quickly and instantly starts healing liver disease and the liver becomes healthy very fast within a few days.

Home remedies for Detox Liver

Home Remedy:-

To cure liver disease and detox prepare a home remedy you need —

  1. Aloe vera juice
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Ginger juice andhome remedies for detox liver
  4. Black salt
Here Are Steps to Prepare it:-
  1. Take 4 tsp aloe vera juice in a cup or bowl.
  2. Add 2 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp ginger juice, and black salt as per taste to it and mix it well.

You may not believe but this is the Best home remedy to detox the entire body from inside and it is especially nectar for the liver.

How to Use:-

Drink it twice a day on an empty stomach.

Something Important to know before using this Remedy
  1. Drinking it daily helps greatly to cure fatty liver, enlarged liver, and other liver diseases in one week only.
  2. You can drink it for a long time.
  3. If you suffer from loose motions by using this remedy then immediately stop drinking it.
  4. Then restart drinking it after 4-5 days.

this remedy detoxes the liver cures all liver diseases and makes the digestive system perfectly fit.

Some most important thing you should know if you want a healthy liver:-

  1. If you consume more sugar then it overloads the liver and produces liver diseases because the liver uses its own one-of-a-kind sugar which is called fructose. So limit your sugar intake to keep your liver healthy and beware of it.
  2. Limit your daily salt intake because excessive salt produces a liquid in the liver which causes swelling in the liver and generally known as fatty liver.
  3. Fat is one of the main causes of a damaged liver. All packed food is loaded with trans fat which causes obesity. It also causes liver diseases like fatty liver and an enlarged liver. Therefore avoid packed food to keep the liver healthy.
  4. All painkiller tablets, antidepressants, steroids, and antibiotic medicines damage the liver badly. Therefore take them only in an emergency and with the advice of the doctor only. Many people have a bad habit to take painkillers daily without a doctor’s consultation. It is very harmful to the liver and damages the liver.

Therefore give up these bad habits to keep yourself away from any major liver disease.

So friends, follow these natural remedies and precautions to cure liver diseases and keep the liver healthy forever.

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