How to gain weight if you are underweight

How to gain weight if you are underweight

Being fat or overweight is a bad reputation that people don’t like. But there are also many people with the opposite problem, that is, being too skinny.

Well, this is a concern of the fact that being underweight can be as bad for your health as being overweight or obese.

Skinny people usually have to hear from people that “why don’t you eat, you are too skinny” and many other comments people usually pass on them, which doesn’t feel good at all.

However, not all fat is bad, breaking down and storing energy as fat is good. Storing calories as good fat is one of the many ways to gain weight, and also the body uses food to function, heal, and grow.

Good fats or Healthy fats also contribute to healthy skin and hair. Additionally, many people are not underweight by choice, but still, they want to gain some muscles.

There are not any clinical issues for some under weighted people, but those people who are clinically underweight, need to deal with gaining weight carefully and with the guidance of their doctors.

The main principles are the same for gaining some muscle weight, whether you’re simply struggling to gain weight or clinically underweight.

Here a question arises that how to gain weight if you are underweight?

Following are some tips that can help you gain weight with no difficulty:

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

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There are some easy ways to gain weight

Eat more healthy calories

If you want to gain some healthy weight, the most important you can do is to create a calorie surplus.

That simply means you eat more calories from Calorie foods than your body burns or needs.

For that, you don’t need to drastically make changes to your diets, you can determine how many calories you need per day by using a calorie calculator or simply asking your doctor.

If you want to slowly and steadily gain weight, then aim for 300-500 calories or more than you burn each day.

If you want to fast gain weight, then aim for around 700-1000, calories above your maintenance level.

You don’t need to keep count on your calories for the entire life, instead, you just do it for the first few days or weeks to get a feel of how many calories you’re eating and gaining weight.

Simply add healthy calories by adding healthy dishes. Try to add almonds, fruits, or whole-grains to your diet.

Add a physical workout to your routine

If you are taking plenty of calories, just make sure that the excess calories go to your muscle.

For that, you need to do a physical workout or weight training and improve your strength.

Otherwise, your excess calories will go to your fat cells, so it is important to do a physical workout.

You can go to the gym or can do some aerobic exercise and just make sure that you have a trainer there to help you in performing your workout.

Also, you can do some cardio exercises to improve your fitness and well-being.

Just make sure that you don’t do so much that you end up burning all the calories you’re eating.

By lifting heavy weight you can improve your strength, and also it will help you gain muscle mass instead of fat.

Add more protein to your diet

There are plenty of health benefits of protein, you must know that protein helps your body to grow.

Also, it is the most important nutrient for gaining weight.

If you are going to do a workout, you will need to add protein to your diet.

Muscle is made of protein, and if you don’t eat protein, then your extra calories may turn into body fat.

You need to consult your trainer, or you can also calculate your protein intake according to your current body weight.

Taking high-protein foods after the physical workout is highly beneficial, and it may include fish, meat, eggs and if you are vegetarian, you can eat dairy products, nuts, oats, and many other protein foods.

Well, eating protein in a very sufficient amount is required to gain muscle weight.

Eat at least 3-5 times per day

Well, it is so basic to eat 3 meals every day, but increasing it to 4 or 5 is no bad for skinny people.

It will be going to be harder to get in enough calories if you are planning to gain weight.

You need to add plenty of high-fat and high-carb foods to your diet if weight gain is important to you.

It will work best if you eat plenty of carbs, fat, and protein at each of your meals.

If you feel it difficult to eat five meals per day just make sure you eat at least three and try to add energy-dense snacks to your diet.

Energy-dense foods are the ones that contain many calories relative to their weight.

Some of them are nuts, dry fruits, meat, high-fat dairy products, and grains.

Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself, drink lots of water or at least 2-3 liters of water per day.

Foods to gain weight quickly || Weight gain diet

Protein shakes:

If you don’t feel like eating anything, just make some protein shakes, as it will help a person to gain weight easily and efficiently.

You can either make it or buy it from the stores as it is most effective to build up your muscle.


Rice contains more calories, just add a cup of rice to your meal as it is a good source of carbohydrate which contributes to weight gain.


It contains fat, carbohydrates, and protein which is all you need to gain weight.

Also, milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

The protein in milk will help you build muscle.

Red Meat:

It is one of the best sources to add protein to your diet and also the best muscle gain supplement.

Other red meats contain both fat and protein, which promote weight gain.

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